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LiveTV is a free website for live streaming, sports and video playback. We give many sports, including UEFA Champions League, German Premiere League, French Ligue 1 and Italian SeriesA, as well as significant other sports events, including NHL Ice Hockey or Abu Dhabi Baskeball UFC 242. We are offering many sports live, including football matches. This is the first UFC 112 pay per-view event in Abu Dhabi in 2010. The UFC title was defended against interim champion Dustin Poirier (25-5, 1 NC) by Khabib Nurmagomeedov (27-0). This was the first battle for Nurmagomedov with Conor McGregor in sport history.

With his elite campaign, Kabib Nurmagomedov recorded the hardest split in the sport. After a victory over rival Conor McGregor, he is also among the biggest stars in the sport. Dustin Poirier is confiscated and never got anything during his life. With his rudimentary offensive style, he won the title and won the Interim Champion of Max Holiday. The battle he won. The battle he won. He earned only. He just won. He won. Poirier now has the greatest chance of his career.

Schedule 1. Before the pro-Khabib crowd, Poirier opened several legs. For a minute and a half, Khabib is shooting. But Poirier is standing up. Khabib gets down Poirier. This time Khabib took Poirier back and took him back down. Khabib returns to the cage installed and the control panel returns. He utilizes a firm, but quickly gives it up. Khabib collects some boxes and runs from above into the shock. Poirier’s up, but he can’t get his arm under his neck. Khabib keeps grips and struggles for the site. Khabib’s snapping Poirier. However, Khabib pulls him up again, Poirier stands up. Khabib receives tough elbows at the end. Dwell 10 to 8.

2nd round. Second round, second round. Poirier punched Khabib and went to capitalize aggressively. It slows down at last because Khabib is all right. Then Khabib gets a fresh start. Khabib controls the legs of Poirier and flights from above a few points. Screaming poirier. Screaming poirier. Screams of poirier. Poirier appears to stand up. It keeps the body control, but Khabib forbids Poirier, for a couple of seconds, to break up. 10 to 9 Khabib.

Narrow. 3. A Poirier, weathered, throws large snipes. Khabib’s going to go to a takedown. Poirier demands very tight guilotine. Khabib struggles and his head pulls away from difficulty. Khabib locks and emerges from behind a naked snugge.

Event winner, round 3, Khabib in Nuremberg.

That was the greatest suffocation of Khabib Nurmagomedov. It’s so hard to flee after the opponent gets hold of it. The spirit of Dustin Poirier has never been gone, but the lightest one in the globe has over time been overwhelmed.

Edson Barboza and Edson Felder, Edson Barbozza compared to Paul Felder, are funny hitters. For the unanimous choice of Barboza, Barboza and Felder were once in fight in 2015.

Around 1, round 1, round 1. Round 1. As Felder joins, Barboza landes a few kicks. Field search and drop search. Searches for field. Searches for field. They broke and he wasn’t able to get. He could not. He could not. He could not. He could not. Feld gives a difficult punch to the body and Barboza replies with a tough punch on her head in the same exchange. With several kicks Barboza assaults the body. Field bleeds back from an accidental head’s ass, because it’s going to be hard. Two hooks on the left lands in the Barboza straight fierce. A big chin is in Feld. Barboza’s a gorgeous mix. The field’s face is a full chaos which at several points appears to bleed. The mighty Barboza round, 10-8. 10-9 Castle.

Second round. Second round. Second round, second round. Barboza attacks the arm again and again at the beginning. Field is a beautiful hook, and Barboza answers by bringing down field. Feld opens a cut from the ground, with an elbow and a poor bleeding. Barboza lifts his arm and breaks his arm. Field leads up with his arm to a bar. In exchange, Barboza links a high hook. All the harm this battle caused to both people. Simply near it. Just close around. Close around. Close to it all. Close around. Close round. 10-9 fields.-10-9 fields.

THREE ROUND. In the third, the speed slows down. In strikes from different rates Barboza combines, as normal. He lands a lovely fist and then a nice loop. A brief elbow links the field. Barboza is in search of a late retreat. Just before Feld came back up, he had him down. The next round is closer. Barbados, 29–28. Barbados.

The winner is Paul Felder (27-30, 29-28, 30-27).

The crowd could have gone through an almost fight. The public was unable to do so. For Felder, the harm caused to Barboza during the first round 30-27 is unique. Feldder is a big victory in working with a title shot.

The lightweight leader is Islam Makhachev and has a 17:1 and five straight winning UFCs record, compared to Davi Ramos Islam Makhachev. Davi Ramos doesn’t have the same amount of MMA overview, but he is the four winner in a straight jiu jitsu world champion.

Approach 1. A punch landed around Makhachev and shot. This is avoided by Ramos. Both are shy, don’t throw much or put it down. For closing a little more, Ramos casts. 10 to 10 minutes tens of.

Second round.-Second round. Second round, second round. A blowjob is cast by Makhachev and then a blowjob is taken. All Sports Live He was brushed off by Makhachev. Because they do not do much, the masses begin shouting. Makhachev’s amazing Ramos. He begins to come down, but comes back. With a right left and a fresh one, Makhachev replies. Knee leads to Makhachev’s Knee. He’s going to go, finally. Ramos charges, but during the process he eats a counter. Ramos is bleeding. Ramos is bleeding. Ramos is bleeding. Ramos is bleeding. Ramos is bleeding. Ramos is bleeding. Ramos is bleeding. Ramos is bleeding. 10-9 Mahashayev.

Field 3. But Ramos accused Makhachev with his knee of dropping it. Makhachev landed on the floor for a short sequence of stops. The referee chooses not to end the fight, and Makhachev is at the top. Makhachev lands from the top some elbows, and We can not show them to Ramos. Makhachev is casting a couple of extra punchs at the end of the battle. Machiev, Makheev, from 30-27 years.

Winner: Makhachev Islam (29-27, 30-26, 30-26) unanimously.

Makhachev showed Islam to be so impressive in his ability. His style didn’t make him a strong fan on the other hand, and he did not leave fans screaming for top names. This was another battle.

Compared to Shamil Abdurakhimov, Blaydes was one of the most high-profile heavyweight fighters. His only career loss was Francis Ngannou, but he was a rare knock out. In his last six battles, he’s 5-1. Shamil Abdurakhimov had 5-1 of his last six, and probably his most successful victory to date has been all the UFCs and Blaydes.

ART I. Blayds ‘ early takedown is shooting. Abdurakhimov descends, but he stands up with Abdurakhimov. Blaydes hit him and regulates him side by side. Abdurakhimov’s back up again. Blaydes was shot and fired again after a short time. Blaydes is mounted and really opened with large snakes in the last twenty seconds. 10-8 Blaydes. Blaydes. Blaydes.-Blaydes. Blaydes-Blaydes. Blaydes.

Second round.-Second round. Second round, second round. Blaydes returns to takedown and takes the second round of Abdurakhimov. If he looks up, Blaydes starts with a punch and Abdurakhimov must give up to protect him. Blaydes lands with a violent elbow on Abdurakhimov’s nose. Abderakhimov turned around and covered his head, turned to the arbitrator to stop the struggle.

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